HD-video, audio, 9 min 36 sec
a man walks with his dog / in a youtube video titled 'Spring walk around the cave of Orpheus' / the dog sprints here and there / panting / wades in the water running through the valley / the birds make their noises / cooing lightly, tweeting loudly / pausing, almost silent / the camera shakes in the hand of the cameraman / soft pixels move rapidly on the screen / the cave appears shortly in the picture / as a round hole formed by black squares / light grey fog covers the mountains further away / flowers bloom in purple and white /

The video was shot in a location that is believed to be the final resting place of the western world's first poet, Orpheus. The story and the character is fictional and yet is has a factual, concrete locus in the world. The myth of Orpheus is widely re-cited, re-interpreted and varied in western culture. The work is yet another retelling of the story, an echo of it. For the work the artist set to find the location of the cave via the help of youtube, internet forums and GPS maps.
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